Pathfinder Society Adventures

Decline of Glory

The Pathfinders have been tasked by Osprey to travel from the Grand Lodge in Absalom to the settlement of Railford in Taldor and convince a man named Becher Railford to use part of the Railford Distillery as a Pathfinder lodge. Becher’s father, Iodun, was a Pathfinder before he passed away. The group consisted of Cristabelle (human witch), Wayo (elven alchemist), Tumbler (elven rogue), Markas (human fighter), and Sliska (human inquisitor). Osprey told them that the mission was going to be a cakewalk.

Whilst prepping for departure, Cristabelle was met by her shadowy Osirion contact. The message he delivered from Amenopheus said that a fellow Pathfinder named Abta Nuatha, himself an associate of Iodun Railford, has disappeared about ten years ago. If found, Pathfinder Railford should be brought to the pharoah immediately; however, if he is dead, he should receive a proper burial.

The Pathfinders travel towards Railford. The rain is falling hard, making the land around them a soupy mess. On the way to the distillery, the group is set upon by two soldiers, two dogs, and a wolf, who were patrolling the area. Tumbler completely massacres one dog with his rapier, cripples the second one, and kills the wolf for good measure. Cristabelle puts a thug to sleep and Wayo runs him through with her spear whilst Markas knocks out the last soldier.

When the adventurers finally get to the town of Railford, the townspeople, thinking they were part of the soldier band, started throwing objects at them and challenging them to leave. Sliska calmed them down and they met with the spokesperson of the town named Dalard Fritch, a former Andoran mercenary. Fritch told them that Becher left town to retrieve the deed to the distillery and hasn’t been back yet. But one of the men who went with him, Jessup Bose, returned yesterday, sickened with something. When Jessup was quesetioned, he told them that his group passed through a swamp and ended up in the barrel-aging caves. Becher found a lockbox in an office that he said contained the deed, but at that moment, dead things rose up from the muck and attacked them. Jessup managed to escape, but not before being bitten by a ghoul. The Pathfinders healed Jessup from the ghoul fever and made their way to the barrel-aging caves with directions supplied from Dalard.

On the way to the barrel-aging caves, the party sank into the muck and got covered in leeches. Crystalynn got one leech on her, but managed to scrape it off with her useful dagger. Also in the marsh, the group encountered a bog screamer and an aquatic violet fungus. The bog screamer hit Markas with a tentacle, severely injuring him. Tumbler avenges him by killing the creature with his rapier and Wayo throws a fire bomb at the fungus, burning it completely.

Everybody continued on the way to the barrel-aging caves and as they dug their way in, the entrance collapsed, spilling Tumbler and Sliska in the cave. Suddenly, 3 zombies and a ghoul attack the party. Cristabelle runs in and explodes the ghoul by touching it and casting a cure light wounds hex on it. Tumbler’s dart and rapier have no effect on the zombies so Wayo throws a bomb and finishes them. Markas kills the last zombie by chopping it in twain. Cristabelle searches the bodies and determines that one of them is Abta Nuatha. She tells the rest of her friends that he was a Pathfinder from Osirion and that she would like to give him a proper Osiriani burial, as a show of respect. They allow her to do so and she buries him in the swap and says a few Osiriani phrases to lay his soul to rest. Deep inside the caves is a chest with Iodun’s old aventuring gear. The Pathfinders grab the stuff and find Becher, wounded from a ghoul bite. The Pathfinders quickly cure him and bring him back to the Railford Distillery.

Back in town, the group finds Grald and his soldiers about to attack so they and Belcher hole themselves up in the distillery to set up for the ambush. The soldiers start attempting to break down the doors when, all of a sudden, screams and wails start occurring from outside. It seems the soldiers are being attacked by undead things outside of the distillery. The distillery doors are broken and the area is full of enemies to fight! A huge battle starts up with the Pathfinders engaging in battle, striking down soldiers and undead creatures alike. In the end, they manage to keep Belcher alive, kill the ghouls, and convince Grald to lay down arms. When they opened a chest that Belcher had to see the deed of the distillery, it enchanted Tumbler and he thought that he was the owner of the property. Luckily, he finally came to his senses and the real deed was found in the chest’s false bottom. The property was turned over to the Pathfinder Society to build a future lodge there.

At the conclusion of the adventure, Cristabelle contacted her Osirion friends and reported that she gave Abta Nuatha a proper burial and his soul most likely carried over successfully to the land of the dead. Amenopheus is most likely pleased by Cristabelle’s work. At the future lodge in Railford, the Pathfinders will be treated like honoured guests.



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