Pathfinder Society Adventures

Delirium's Tangle

The adventurers were summoned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom on behalf of Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng. The party consisted of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Lord Traice (halfing rogue), Hamick (human fighter), Elijah (human wizard), Phantem (human fighter), and Athena (elven witch). Venture-Captain Dreng introduced them to Grandmaster Torch, an “associate” of the Society. Grandmaster Torch tasked them with locating Nuar Spiritskin, Minotaur Prince of Absalom, who apparently got lost in Delirium’s Tangle, a grand maze underneath Absalom. He also mentions that there is an ancient elven artifact, Izryen’s Hourglass at the maze’s center and that the Pathfinder Society can keep it if they bring back the minotaur. Dreng tells them that the minotaur is a useful ally to the Society and to go forth and prepare.

Whilst preparing, a member of the city guard slips Jaxon a piece of paper. Orders from Osirion, from Amenopheus himself. Legend says that the sands flowing through the elven hourglass artifact come from the deserts of Osirion. Jaxon is tasked with getting a handful of sand from it and bringing it back to Osirion. The Sapphire Sage also believes that Delirium’s Tangle is acting like an enormous magic circle and he asks Jaxon to map it as best as he can. Jaxon tucks the message into his pocket and meets the rest of the party for departure.

After approximately eight hours, the team finally finds the entrance to the maze beneath Absalom’s Ivy District after going through a maintenance tunnel. Once entering the maze proper, they come across a large chamber with big sandy patches on the floor. Suddenly, two feral mining beetles rise out of a patch of sand and attacks them! One of them surprises Phantom and bites him, but it barely penetrates his armour. Jaxon killed one with his longsword and Athena injured the second one with a shot from her crossbow. Traice cut off the beetle’s leg and mortally wounded it. When the group searched around, they came across some potions and a scroll and the beetle’s nest, which had some eggs in it. Hamik managed to grab two eggs after breaking the first one. The group sees tracks and signs on the ground that indicate the minotaur was dragged away by several dozen medium-sized creatures.

In a few rooms over, they enter a large, cavernous room with glowing glass balls in the walls and a couple of pillars. The walls are covered in strange symbols and writing. A morlock attendant jumps out from behind a pillar and attacks them. The elven witch cast a spell and caused the morlock to fall asleep before it could do anything, then shoots it with a crossbow. As it wakes up, Elijah hits it with a shocking grasp and Jaxon stabs it with his longsword. Hamik delivered the finishing blow and located a wand for his trouble. Now the group enters the door and goes into the maze proper.

Going through the maze was very slow going. The twists and turns were wicked enough to throw anybody off. Jaxon borrowed a piece of parchment paper from Lord Traice and attempted to map Delirium’s Tangle as best he could. They each took turns leading the group and were making pretty good progress in the beginning. At one point, Traice opened up his mind to the maze, damaging his wisdom, but definitely getting closer. There were many traps placed in the labyrinth, some of which had hurt people. Elijah was injured with an arrow and Hamick fell into a pit. After approximately twelve hours, the adventurers reached a door and opened it.

All of them were suddenly transported onto a platform with a huge giant leech called the Essence of the Void Whisperer. The Pathfinders let out a battle cry and attacked it. Jaxon strikes it and Traice flanks it and stabs with his rapier. Hamik hits it with his polearm and Jaxon finally kills it with the longsword. The air shivers and they are transported back from the extradimensional room into normal space. They take this time to heal up and continue on through a door.

In this room, they face off a clever door. All exterior doors lock and water starts pouring into the room once Traice fiddles with the door contraption. The water fills the room completely and the adventurers are forced to hold their breaths and try to defeat the trap. Finally, Phantem manages to break down the door after the water weakens its structure.

In this final room, the Pathfinders see a dessicated elf hanging from the ceiling by thick chains. In the corner of the room, they see Nuar tied down on a bench, unconscious. There is also an hourglass nearby. The elf, Abysiel Greensummer, shouts how he was betrayed and that the party should die. Athena shoots an arrow at the elf for a hit. Abysiel uses his powers to create a shield from the metallic moving parts and sends a magic missile towards Jaxon, hitting him. Elijah burns the elf with a shocking grasp spell and Phantem throws a chakram at him. Jaxon then gets entangled within chains being directed by Abysiel. Lord Traice throws an alchemist’s fire flask and burns the elf, finishing him off.

Afterwards, the group heals Nuar Spiritskin and asks how he came to be in the maze. He cannot remember much, unfortunately. The Pathfinders spend approximately 30 minutes and finally are successful in removing the hourglass from the contraption. When nobody’s looking, Jaxon and Elijah stealthily open the hourglass and take a handful of sand from it. They ask Nuar if he will lead them out of the maze and he does so in record time, as minotaurs have no problems with mazes.

The minotaur prince spreads the word throughout Absalom of the party’s adventure to save him. Jaxon hands over the map of Delirium’s Tangle and the handful of sand from Izryen’s Hourglass to his Osirion contact. He hopes that it is found that the sand comes from his homeland.



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