Pathfinder Society Adventures

Mists of Mwangi

The group of adventurers were awoken in the middle of the night in the Grand Lodge of Absalom by Venture-Captain Adil Hestram and given an important mission. There are strange things afoot in the Blakros Museum and Venture-Captain Hestram tasks the Pathfinders to go there and find out what is happening. The museum is curated by an ex-Pathfinder named Nigel Aldain, who apparently has some bad blood with the Society, and never lets any Society members examine the exhibits. A current Pathfinder, named Lugizar Trantos, has just returned from the Mwangi Expanse and went straight to the Blackros Museum without stopping at the Grand Lodge, and sold some wooden idols to Aldain. Whatever he brought back may be causing people at the museum to go mad.

The group is made up of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Lariden (dwarf inquisitor), Byron (human paladin), Dakov (human alchemist), Randy (half-elf), and Francis (human rogue). Once they reach the Blackros Museum, they notice a strange mist flowing around the open lobby. They search around, but find nothing of interest, and decide to go into the West Exhibit Hall with the Honored Dead exhibit. Before entering it though, they grab a pamphlet on a display case that includes a map of the interior.

Whilst walking around the West Exhibit Hall, the party is attacked by animated corpses, one ghoul and two skeletons. The ghoul attacks Byron and Dakov throws a bomb, injuring one of the skeletons. Jaxon dispatches both skeletons with his longsword and Randy fires an arrow, taking down the ghoul.

The Pathfinders make their way into the Offices and find everything dishevelled. Suddenly, two ape-like humans drop from the ceiling and attack them. A furious battle ensues, but the group knows that these were once human and decide to use non-lethal strikes to knock them out. Once they are unconscious, cries of help start coming out of the file cabinet in the corner. It seems a survivor, a scribe named Saldak, took refuge in there. Saldak tells them that the mist started when the Lugizar brought the Tik Taan idols into the museum. The Pathfinders free Saldak and order him to take his two companions (other scribes named Kadarnik and Yannis) outside.

Next up, the East Exhibit Hall, called the Hunting the Beasts of Legend exhibit, is searched. There are huge taxidermied beasts here, including a massive chimera hanging from the ceiling, so the Pathfinders are extremely wary. Care is taken in case these exhibits will come to life as well. However, this time, the exhibits aren’t the problem. Two vargouille are hiding inside helm-like masks. Vargouilles are extraplanar creatures. They used their shriek ability to paralyse Byron, but Francis was able to chop one down and Lariden killed the other one.

The bathrooms were the next area searched. The walls were stained with blood and the smell of sewage permeated the room. In it, the group was once again attacked by an ape-like former human named Maldroog, a museum watchman. Byron ended up knocking the watchman unconscious. There was also a huge viper came up from the sewers and was under the influence of the Tik Taan mists. Jaxon ended up killing the large snake with a strike from his sword.

Unfortunately, the mists finally took their toll and Jaxon and Byron turned into ape-like creatures and attacked the rest of their friends and allies. They were finally subdued, but Jaxon almost took out the entire group as he was the strongest and most experienced. Once they were knocked out and revived, all effects of the mist left them and they were able to take the watchman outside the museum and continue on their way. A storeroom was checked but turned out to be empty.

The last room checked was the North Exhibit Hall and it was here where things got weird. The room was filled with what looked like every single monkey in Absalom chanting the name of Da’Tunga. A Mwangi ziggurat filled the center of the room with an elf strapped to the top, his chest painted in strange symbols. Jaxon approached the alter, but was set upon by an enormous ape. Whilst battle with the ape took place, three wooden idols (the Tik Taan) float above the room and cast spells on the adventurers. Some of the Pathfinders attempted to free the elf at the top of the pyramid, but he lashed out at them because he was under the Tik Taan spell. Jaxon was the lucky one to kill Da’Tunga and the rest of the Pathfinders dispatched the wooden idols. Once the idols fell, the monkeys went back to normal. It looked as if the spell was broken. The elf at the top who turned out to be Nigel Aldain. Nigel doesn’t really remember what happened to him, but is grateful all the same, especially when he finds out that Venture-Captain Hestram sent them. He gifts the Pathfinders an ancient Mwangi spear that Chelish explorers found near the colony of Sargava during the reign of the expansionist Chelish prince Haliad I, which they take back to the Grand Lodge. It is a bejeweled masterwork spear with brittle, white bird feathers tied with crumbling leather straps beneath the still-sharp spearhead. Later in life, Nigel and Adil’s friendship is repaired because of this adventure and the Blakros Museum’s vast collection is made available to the Society for study.



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