Pathfinder Society Adventures

Murder on the Silken Caravan

The group of Pathfinders, made up of Cristabelle (human witch), Ba’inta (human druid with tyrannosaurus rex companion), Moku-Pa (human barbarian), Babaganoush (half-elf rogue), Phantem (human fighter), and Elihu (human ranger) were summoned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom and given a briefing by Venture-Captain Adril Hestram. Adril tells them that Venture-Captain Targos Min-Katheer passed away and that his last wish was to have his body travel the Silken Way from Lopul to Katheer. Venture-Captain Hestram assures them that the mission should be easy.

Before leaving, Cristabelle notices a note in her pocket, most likely put there by her Osiriani contact. In the note, Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage, orders Cristabelle to find a temple to Irori that is along the Silken Way and clear it of the monsters rumoured to be infesting the place. The sage wants the church to be cleaned and restored as well. Cristabelle carefully folds the note and returns it to her pocket.

The adventurers arrive in the caravan-city of Lopul in Qadira and manage to locate the house of Min-Katheer. They notice that the house is surrounded by mourners and when they knock on the door, they are met by a leper who challenges them. They identify themselves as members of the Pathfinder Society and he reluctantly lets them inside. One of the people inside was a masked man named Ben-Garri the Scarred and, as it turns out, he is a member of the sect of Lamashtu, there to desecrate the body of Venture-Captain Katheer. A fight starts and the adventurers defeat the cultists.

After the battle, the group secures passage on a caravan run by Jamila al-Shafah. Other members of the caravan include Gaspar du Mer (a former Taldan knight and weapons dealer), Mahmoud (merchant and weapons dealer), Hokama Pashket (water merchant), and Atmar (a slave). The heat beats down on people in the caravan with the armoured individuals removing their armour to lessen the effects of the relentless heat. A couple of days later, the caravan is attacked by goblin raiders led by a few hobgoblins. They are quickly dispatched, but not before some drovers lost their lives. The Pathfinders also lost sight of the rest of the caravan. While Hokama and Atmar are still with the group, they make their way towards where they think the caravan was headed and came across the body of Mahmoud, business partner of Gaspar, killed by a dagger sticking out of his back. Betrayal is evidently at hand!

Hokama thinks he knows a route that will lead them back to the Silken Way. He leads the remainder of the party past a temple of Irori called Kamawgyar Shrine, which is topped by a huge monument of a man sitting in a cross-legged position. They are suddenly attacked by two harpies who have made the shrine their home. The younger harpy’s song ensorcelled Elihu and Cristabelle, unfortunately both of the ranged attackers of the crew. Elihu and Cristabelle walked towards the huge statue in a daze and began to climb it. Fortunately, the harpies were defeated by the rest of the Pathfinders and the ranger and witch got their wits back. Cristabelle took the time to search the rest of the temple and ensured it was cleared of further monsters and as clean as possible as per her orders from Amenopheus.

The group finds their way back to the rest of the caravan and sees Gaspar du Mer and his hobgoblin allies attacking Jamila and the wagons. Suddenly, Jamila activates a ring on her finger and reveals herself to be a janni. Other djinni appear and kill Du Mer and the hogboblins. Jamila tells the Pathfinders that Du Mer paid the harpies to kill merchants on the Silken Way to disrupt Qadira’s economy and that she and Min-Katheer stumbled onto this plot. Unfortunately, Min-Katheer took ill and Jamila was forced to grant him peace by gently poisoning him. She vowed to uncover the rest of the plotters and this was the result of it. Targos’ body was finally returned to Katheer and a funeral occurred, attended by many Pathfinders and some of the Decemvirate, as well as Jamila and some djinni.



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