Pathfinder Society Adventures

The Devil We Know: Cassomir's Locker

The Pathfinders were again called to the Taldan Pathfinder lodge in Cassomir with Venture-Captain Hestia Themis giving them their mission briefing. The group consisted of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Elihu (human ranger), Yukatashi (half-orc barbarian), and Anaya (elven fighter). Venture-Captain Themis told the Pathfinders that a friend of hers, the Countess Arieta Patrizia, died after being captured by the Cult of Nature’s Cataclysm. However, before she passed away, Arieta escaped her bonds and told her tale to Hestia. She reported that an artifact called the Jet Rat was transforming normal rats into dire rats and that the artifact should be safely kept in the Pathfinder Society’s Grand Lodge in Absalom so it can be studied and catalogued. The Jet Rat was in the hands of a Darklands race called the derro. The group was ordered to get the Jet Rat and free any captured Taldans.

Before the group set out, Jaxon was met by his Osirion contact and handed a message from Amenopheus. The Sapphire Sage ordered Jaxon to ensure the Jet Rat was delivered to the Grand Lodge in Absalom for safekeeping. In the letter, Amenopheus says that the Jet Rat sounds like an ancient Osirion artifact that was used to create a vermin army. His second mission was to find a rat transformed by the Jet Rat and take a sample from its body to give to Amenopheus for study.

The Pathfinders travelled to the place in Cassomir where Countess Patrizia remembered being taken and dropped down into the sewers. Anaya was the first down and the grate she landed on gave way and she dropped down into a pit. When the rest of the group descended into the sewers to help Anaya up, a giant spider attacked them. Yukatashi got entangled in a web the spider shot out. Jaxon poked the spider with his longsword whilst Yukatashi got free and killed it with his greataxe. A dead derro was found and, when the body was searched, was revealed to have two potions of cure moderate wounds.

More of the sewers were searched. In one of the rooms, three bloated corpses were found floating in some tepid water. The bodies were dressed in Taldan finery and all had their throats slashed. Nothing else of note was on the corpses so the group moved on with their search. In one of the rooms, a Nature’s Cataclysm cultist was there. Anaya immediately attacked him with her axe. Elihu moved in to help but inadvertently stepped into a trap, bathing him in flame. He still managed to hit the cultist with his greatsword though. The cultist casts burning hands at Yukatashi. Elihu shoots him with an arrow from his longbow and Jaxon struck with his longsword. Yukatashi goes into a barbaric rage and kills the fighter with his greatsword. The cult member turned out to have been guarding a trapdoor.

The Pathfinders make an amazing find below – an entire block of abandoned buildings is beneath the city. Most of the buildings were found to have been abandoned, but a really big clue that the Cult of Nature’s Cataclysm was involved was a giant rat drawing in the middle of one of the streets. They finally come across three mites that the derros use as slaves. The mites are stacking boxes and immediately attack the adventurers once they see them. Elihu doesn’t want to kill them so the group engages in some non-lethal attacks and knocks the small fey slaves out.

After the battle, the Pathfinders open up a door to one of the buildings and Elihu stealthily enters the room. He immediately gets shot in the back with a poisoned arrow by a derro hiding behind the door. The derro draws a short sword and attacks, but Elihu, now angry, hits him with his greatsword. Yukatashi finishes the derro off and the group continues on.

In the last room they see Grench Teppish, a cleric of Groetus, surrounded by cages of rats, some normal, some dire. A fierce battle ensues with the Pathfinders killing Grench. There were two mite slaves here, but they ran off once Grench was finished off. The Jet Rat was sitting on a table and recovered by the Pathfinders. Jaxon attempted to take a sample of a dire rat’s skin, but failed to cut off an adequate piece.

The Jet Rat eventually made its way to the vaults underneath the Grand Lodge. Kidnapping slow in Cassomir but continue to expand in the countryside surrounding the city. Rumours tell of how the derro threat has been stopped but a derro was recently seen inside the walls of Swift Prison. The Taldan authorities dispute this rumour.



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