Pathfinder Society Adventures

The Devil We Know: Crypt of Fools

The Pathfinders were once again summoned by Venture-Captain Hestia Themis in Cassomir’s Pathfinder lodge. This time, the group was made up of brothers Gerrik (human rogue) and Gale (human rogue), Babaganoush (half-elf rogue), and Cristabelle (human witch). Venture-Captain Themis is distressed that there are yet more kidnappings in her beloved city and that the former victims are coming back as undead skeletons. She thinks the Cult of Nature’s Cataclysm is involved again and tasks the adventurers to visit Swift Prison and talk to a Nature’s Cataclysm cultist for more information.

On the way out, Cristabelle is intercepted by her Osiriani contact, who hands her a message from Amenopheus. The Sapphire Sage informs her that when the Ismacco family was being interred in the Crypt of Fools, Osirion mummy-crafters were the ones that were in charge of embalming them. She was instructed to locate one of these bodies and take a sample so the techniques could be learned. The Sapphire Sage also ordered her to bring the head of Dalirio Teppish. Even though he was killed earlier, if rumours are true and he is still doing his evil deeds, something must have reanimated him and Amenopheus wants to know what he has become and how.

The three rogues and the witch arrived at Swift Prison and met with Garvel, their assigned contact and local guide. He led them to a crazed cultist who was painting some crazy pictures on easels. Before he answers any of their questions, he demands that they go outside and describe the statue located out front to him. After that is done and the group returns to the painter, they notice three of his paintings with similar iconography. He tells them that his master resides in the Crypt of Fools and that the Cassomir engineers in the Hall of Wonders will know where that is.

The group goes to the engineering guild located in the Hall of Wonders and immediately feels that something is wrong. The inside is filled with smoke and they notice some half-orcs beating up on a poor gnome engineer. Accompanying them is Tashelia Ismacco, a female cleric of Groetus. Cristabelle immediately casts a slumber hex on the first half-orc and he falls asleep. Gale runs over and inflicts a coup de grace on the helpless thug. His brother used his rapier to kill the second half-orc. Tashelia casts the spell true strike and fells Babaganoush with a heavy flail. However, Gale avenges Baba and massacres the cleric with his longsword. After Baba gets healed up, the gnome engineer, named Queck Majet, said that the cult wanted all documentation on the Crypt of Fools destroyed and that to find the entrance to the Crypt of Fools, hidden clues on Cassomir monuments had to be deciphered.

After finding out that the statue in front of Swift Prison had the mark of the Ismacco family on it, the group used their wand of cure light wounds to open a secret compartment, and obtained the first clue. The next stop was the Imperial Hall of Records. Remembering that the crazed painter painted some notes on the drawing of the Hall of Records, Babaganoush played his lute instrument and a secret compartment opened up, yielding the second clue drawn on parchment. The last place the adventurers went was the Quickfall Abbey walls. After spending the most time trying to puzzle out how to open the secret compartment, one of the rogues just smashed it, which worked. When the Pathfinders studied all three clues and used triangulation on a map of Cassomir, they determined that the Crypt of Fools entrance was located beneath a public fountain.

The group was set upon by a derro and two mite slaves. The creatures were leading some Cassomiri slaves somewhere. Gale flips over and beheads one of the mites whilst Gerrik finishes the derro after he casted a darkness spell with his rapier. Cristabelle makes the last mite go to sleep and Gale kills it dead. The slaves freed, the PFS members continued on and entered the Crypt of Fools after entering in the correct combination of symbols on a tumbler lock. Hearing voices, the rogues set themselves up in an ambush whilst Cristabelle the witch acted as a distraction. When the thugs went over to investigate, all three rogues sprung their trap, flanking and killing the thugs quickly and messily. Now that they have a moment, Cristabelle studies the embalmed bodies in the tomb and discovers that the embalming method is inferior to Osirioni techniques, but takes a sample of it anyways.

Deeper into the crypt is where Dalirio Teppish, resurrected as a ghoul, makes his headquarters. He is joined by two skeletons and they immediately attack. The chamber is too narrow for the rogues to effectively use their flanking techniques, unfortunately. Baba dispatches the first skeleton whilst Gale kills the second one. Cristabelle runs up to the undead Dalirio and touches him whilst casting an inflight light wounds spell. Sadly, she found out that she just ended up curing him. The already-defeated Dalirio was re-killed by Babaganoush and his trusty rapier. After the battle, Cristabelle leans over and saws off the ghoul’s head with her dagger and places it in her backpack.

With Dalirio defeated a second time, the Pathfinders were credited with stopping his plan of attacking Cassomir with his skeleton army. Venture-Captain Themis warns Cassomiran authorities of the Cult of Nature Cataclysm plot, but they shove her information under a rug and refuse to take any meaningful action. The freed Cassomiran engineers and victims thank the group profusely. Cristabelle met up with her Osiriani contact and gave him the embalmed sample and Dalirio’s severed head.



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