Pathfinder Society Adventures

The Hydra's Fang Incident

The Pathfinders travel from Absalom to the town of Diobel to meet a Pathfinder by the name of Osprey at a really seedy pub called The Tails in a section of town known as South Reach. The group consists of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Elihu (human ranger), Phantem (human fighter), Anaya (human), and Zial (half-elven alchemist). Osprey told them that the infamous Chelaxian pirate Darsielle Du Moire is in possession of some tablets that the Pathfinder Society wants to get their hands on. Du Moire razed a small Andoran village and took the tablets from a mystic allegedly of Azlanti descent. They were ordered to retrieve the tablets as, although they are forgeries, they depict ancient Azlanti rites. Osprey tells them that they can track down Du Moire at a shop called Lubor’s Imports because Darsielle owes Lubor Staizkal money and most likely went to pay him before setting sail in the Hydra’s Fang.

On their way out, Jaxon noticed a slip of paper in his pocket, most likely put there by his Osiriani contact. The note was from Amenopheus and, in it, he notes that the tensions between the nations of Cheliax (as Du Moire is Chelaxian) and Andoran (as the village he destroyed was in Andoran) may lead to war, which would be good for Osirion. The orders also instruct Jaxon that Du Moire has a bronze key on his person, which the Sapphire Sage suspects opens up ancient catacombs beneath the Spire of Nex, and therefore, strong magics. Jaxon returns and meets the rest of the group.

The Pathfinders go to Lubor’s Imports and find the bodies of two dead guards lying in the main shop. In the back room, they see two thugs and a little girl crouching over a dead body and calling it daddy. Phantem knocked one of the thugs out, but was betrayed by the little girl, who cast a magic missile at him. Betrayal! It turns out that the girl was a wizard in disguise by the name of Katiya. Anaya runs in and mortally wounds Katiya with a swing of her axe. The remaining thug injures Phantem with a mighty hit of his longsword. Jaxon dispatches the thug with a hit of a longsword. The dead body is that of Lubor Staizkal. The Pathfinders locate a trap door in the shop and go down below.

They enter an area of Diobel called the Underdocks. They happen on two Kortos Consortium guards and their pet seacat. The seacat jumped into the water, swam over, and attacked Anaya. Jaxon ended up killing the creature while the two Consortium officials were dispatched. Searching the bunker nearest the guards showed that the Hydra’s Fang was in Moor #14. The adventurers got into two rowboats and rowed their way towards the ship. However, on the way there, they were set upon by two sahaugin. They were chasing Du Moire, but assumed that the group was part of his crew. They tipped over both the rowboats, but Elihu and Phantom destroyed one sahaugin whilst Anaya killed the last one with her axe.

The Hydra’s Fang was finally in sight. The pirate Du Moire and his crew saw the group approaching them. Elihu the ranger stood up, drew his composite longbow, and killed two sailors. The Pathfinders then boarded the ship while Darsielle fled beneath the deck. He eventually came back up and started to offer the Pathfinders anything they wanted, as long as they let him live. Jaxon demanded he turn over the bronze key he kept on his person and Du Moire complied, throwing the key onto the deck. However, no quarter was given and the pirate was killed. Below decks, drowned slaves reanimated as lacedons attacked the party. Anaya killed one and Jaxon killed two with his longsword, but not before he was bitten by the horrific creatures. He was diseased for a few days afterwards, but then got better. Inside a chest below decks were the four replica Azlanti tablets.

The Pathfinders returned to Diobel and turned in the tablets to Osprey. It turned out that, although they were forgeries, they were exact replicas of the originals and the information gleaned from the royal seals and writing expanded knowledge on four of the Old Azlanti noble houses. Jaxon met up with his faction contact and turned in the brass key he received from Du Moire. And because war was averted between Cheliax and Andoran, the Cheliax embassy recognized each individual for their outstanding service to the Empire and allowed them to use a divination spell from a Cleric of Asmodeus anytime they were in Cheliax. The Andoren embassy recognized the individuals as upstanding free citizens of the Republic.



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