Pathfinder Society Adventures

The Prince of Augustana

The Pathfinders met in the Grand Lodge in Absalom and spoke to Venture-Captain Alissa Moldreserva, who then ordered them to go to the Augustana Pathfinder Lodge in the nation of Andoran and check in with Venture-Captain Caudron Wallace. Venture-Captain Wallace tells them that a man claiming to be the Emperor of Andoran was found on the doorstep of the lodge and said that assassins from another plane had attacked him. The only reason why he is being given credence is that he is in possession of a wayfinder. Caudron doesn’t want anything to do with this issue so he orders the Pathfinders to go talk to the man.

The group is made up of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Elihu (human ranger), Phantem (human fighter), and Zyphur (elven cleric). The party enters the next room and starts interrogating the weird, pale man named Gandros Skytower. Gandros claims that he is the Prince of Augustana and that his dead father, the emperor, left him a kingdom beneath the city as well as the wayfinder. He also claims that he was attacked by dark assassins from another world and that, if the Pathfinders help him, he will grant them anything from his kingdom as a reward. The Pathfinders are sceptical, but decide to check out his story anyways. They return to Venture-Captain Wallace and he shows them on a map hanging on the wall where the entrance to the sewer where Gandros came out is most likely. He says his biggest concern is that there may be a portal to a different plane that is open. Wallace lets the group know that his diviners have determined that some parts of Gandros’ story are true.

On the way out, Jaxon finds an expected message in his pocket. Amenopheus, his master, lets him know that there is another Osiriani agent named Pteliut the Keen who was tasked with finding the routes that smugglers use to steal relics from Osirion. The last place he was to have been was in the sewers beneath Augustana and that, since he missed his last two scheduled communications, Jaxon is to find him and aid him, but not blow his cover.

The adventurers entered the sewer and dropped down below Augustana. Travelling along the walkway, they came upon three members of the Steel Wyverns gang who tried to extort money from them. Big mistake, as the Pathfinders were armed and decided to fight back. The Steel Wyvern alchemist named Firedrake threw a bomb and hit Zyphur and Elihu. Elihu slays the adept with an arrow from his composite longbow. He also uses his ranged weapon to dispatch the remaining two gang members. The party looted the alchemist’s lab, grabbing acid flasks, vials of alchemist’s fire, smoke stix, tanglefoot bags, thunderstones, and vials of filth fever tonic.

The group then comes upon a rubble-strewn passageway that, when they try to pass, unleashes a swarm of scarab beetles. The beetles are hard to kill and attack Jaxon, their bites severely injuring him. Zyphur threw an alchemist’s fire at the swarm, but the splash unwittingly sets off trapped gas, causing an explosion. Jaxon falls unconscious, both from the swarm and the trap. Zyphur calls on his god and uses his cleric abilities to make the swarm stop attacking. The party heals up Jaxon and they continue on, following signs that look like they are pointing out the sanctuary.

In the sanctuary, the Pathfinders meet a masked figure known as The Almsman. The Almsman is a priest of Abadar who hides his identity, as he isn’t supposed to be using the church basement for the purpose of sheltering the homeless. He tells the adventurers that he will help them locate where Gandros was attacked, but they must protect him from the Steel Wyverns, who are demanding he loot the church where he works and pay them “protection money.” The adventurers agree to help him and set a trap for the Steel Wyverns gang. In the corner, Jaxon notices one of the sick beggars has the tattoos that Amenopheus described Pteliut as having. Jaxon gives Pteliut one of the filth fever tonics and nurses him back to health.

When the Steel Wyverns enter the Alsman’s sanctuary, the Pathfinders are ready. Zyphur casts a silence spell and renders the gang’s bard mute. Jaxon kills Randalan, the Steel Wyvern bard, with his longsword whilst Phantem cleaves his greatsword about, killing all four gang toughs. The Alsman thanks the party and tells them where Gandros dwelt, which is the old Skytower Emporium shop. In the back of the shop are five dretches that Gandros accidentally summoned from a scroll. A battle ensues and the Pathfinders come out victorious by slaying the conjured dretches.

Upon their return to the Augustana Pathfinder lodge, the adventurers tell Gandros that his home is clear of the “dark assassins”. He thanks them repeatedly and offers them any items located in his “kingdom”. He then takes his leave and returns to the Skytower Emporium. Venture-Captain Wallace says that his prediction that this was all a waste of time was correct. Jaxon contacts his Osirion counterpart and lets him know that he has taken care of Pteliut the Keen.



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