Wand of create food and water


The food that this spell creates is simple fare of your choice – highly nourishing, if rather bland. Food so created decays and becomes inedible after 24 hours, although it can be kept fresh for another 24 hours by casting a purify food and water spell on it. The water created by this spell is just like clean rain water, and it doesn’t go bad as the food does.

2 charges.

School: conjuration (creation)
Level: cleric 3
Effect: food and water to sustain three humans or one horse/level for 24 hours
Duration: 24 hours
Saving Throw: none, Spell Resistance: no
CL: 5th
Cost: 450 gp


Found on a wrecked Chelish ship called Kajitsu Star in the Brinestump Marsh in Varisia.

Wand of create food and water

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