Pathfinder Society Adventures

Tide of Morning

Venture-Captain Dennel Hamshanks met the party in the Grand Lodge in Absalom and tasked them with meeting a druid named Hemzel in the Verduran Forest to convince him to allow the Pathfinder Society to study a lorestone, which gives knowledge of druids. The Pathfinder Society adventurers consist of Lord Traice (halfing rogue), Hamik (human fighter), Jaxon (human fighter), and Arren (human witch).

Coming on Hamzel’s cottage, the group finds him murdered and the lorestone missing. They were suddenly attacked by a couple of faes named Cyflymder (a quickling) and Gire (an atomie), as well as a huge swarm of spiders, all at the same time.

Cyflymder slipped away, but Gire used her abilities to cast an Entangle spell to snare the adventurers, then created a magical dog and rat to attack them. Arren the witch cast a Burning Hands spell, but only slightly damaged the enormous spider swarm. They attacked him and his fox familiar, wounding them both. In the meantime, Jaxon got bitten by the dog and tripped up, falling onto his back, but he still was able to use his longsword to kill the dog. Hamik shouldered open the locked door and rushed inside the burning cottage. He picked up an empty box (presumably where the lorestone was) and a manuscript, and jumped out of the nearest window.

Arren and his fox familiar were getting repeatedly attacked by the spider swarm with the fox almost dying due to its wounds. Luckily though, Trace was able to utilise his skills with diplomacy to talk Gire down and get her assistance in dispersing the swarm of arachnids. Gire also provided some information on the whereabouts of Cyflymder.

The Pathfinder Society group traced Cyflymder to an island of sorts surrounded by a glassy lake. Trace decided to travel on the moss-covered bridge first, but set off a trap and got attacked by a snake whilst hanging upside down. Another snake dropped from a tree soon after, but the party defeated both of them. They were then attacked by an enlarged spriggan. However, Hamik struck a single mighty blow with his polearm weapon and the spriggan fell.

Hamik and Traice made it to the center of the druid circle, recovered the lorestone, and were immediately attacked by the quickling and his atomie henchwoman. Cyflymder attempted to use his extremely quick agility to harry the adventurers, but he was finally struck down by Hamick. The remaining atomie decided to flee.

After successfully obtaining the lorestone, the group returned to Hemzel’s hut and ran into some gnomes going through the wreckage. The gnomes challenged the newcomers, but Lord Traice and his silken tongue were able to calm the gnomes down and assure them that they were not the ones to kill Hemzel. Jaxon searched through the wreckage and located a tablet of rare blue stone with intricate cuneiform writing on it. He made sure nobody else was looking and slyly placed it inside of his pouch.

Back at the Pathfinder Grand Lodge in Absalom, Traice, Hamik, Arren, and Jaxon presented Venture-Captain Hamshanks with the lorestone. The precious stone was added to the Pathfinder collection to be studied and its mysteries unlocked. The defeat of Cyflymder’s gang removed a minor menace from the Verduran Forest, allowing local, peaceful druidic activity to resume. Jaxon met up with his Osirion contact and handed over the blue stone tablet. The tablet eventually made its way back to Osirion where it was publicly displayed so people could bask in ancient Osirion’s glory.

Master of the Fallen Fortress

An unnamed siege castle has stood in the Cairnlands for hundreds if not thousands of years, magically sealed after the death of its forgotten master. But recently, a minor earthquake rocked the land, accomplishing in moments what dozens of scholars, sages, and adventurers could not achieve in years—the quake caused part of the siege castle to collapse, opening its interior for the first time in centuries. The locals now call this tower the Fallen Fortress. The fortress is located in the Cairnlands outside of Absalom, the City at the Center of the World. The adventurers consist of U’roehmie (gnome bard), Alain (human cavalier), Dakov (human alchemist), and Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter).

The Pathfinders were hired by a historian to collect anything of value in the Fallen Fortress. For their trouble, he will give them 250 gp per person. They readily accepted and made their way to the Cairnlands towards the ruined tower.

In the first room, a pack of three wild dogs attacked them. Dakov calmly threw a firebomb in the middle of the group, obliterating all of them in the blink of an eye. The rest of the group stared at Dakov in wonderment whilst he just smiled. The adventurers looked into the next room and noticed huge webs on the walls and stretching upwards into the ceiling. Dakov threw a firebomb in there, which scared a spider and made it attack Jaxon. Jaxon slashed it with his longsword, but it managed to bite him pretty hard, injecting him with poison. As the spider tried to go back up into its web, Jaxon stuck it with his sword, killing it. The party finished searching the first floor and ascended up to the second.

Among the Living

The Pathfinders met in the Grand Lodge in Absalom and awaited the arrival of the newest venture-captain, Eliza Petulengro. The party consisted of Sliska (human inquisitor), Hamik (human fighter), Jaxon (human fighter), Markas (human fighter), and Alek (elven alchemist). Jaxon was glad to see go on another adventure with Hamick again, but was a little sad to see that Lord Trace was not amongst the group. Venture-Captain Petulengro tasked the Pathfinders with locating Bodriggan Wuthers, of the Society. Pathfinder Wuthers went missing whilst hunting for an unspecified artifact in the city of Oppara in Taldor. His last known location was the House of the Immortal Son, which was a former temple to Aroden and is now an opulent opera house. Eliza Petulengro instructed them to enter the opera house using any means necessary, find Bodriggan, and, if possible, the artifact as well.

Before travel to the land of Taldor commenced, Jaxon purchased a courtier’s outfit to better blend in with the operatic upper-class society. He also met with his Osirion contact who passed him a message from Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage himself. Amenopheus wanted to listen into the conversations of Emperor Stavian III and so Jaxon was to put a small stone, which was enclosed with the message, into the entrance room specifically reserved for the emperor. The stone was to be hidden where the cleaning crew would never find it. Jaxon tucked the message and stone into one of his pockets and met back with his adventuring party.

The group arrived in the beautiful city of Oppara and travelled to the opera house. Jaxon attempted to bluff his way through the Emperor’s entrance, but was rebuffed by the guards outside. Sliksa made nice with a minor noble named Sherwin and the he was able to get them tickets to the show. The party made their way to the back of the House of the Immortal Son and the show began. The performance was pretty bad, but it was suddenly interrupted by a loud gonging noise and the arrival of a pack of bloodthirsty zombies from the entrances. A furious battle ensued!

We Be Goblins!

Members of the Licktoad tribe in the Brinestump Marsh discovered one of their tribe goblins was engaged in writing! And what’s more, he was writing about the Licktoad tribe! Well, since everbody knows that words steal thoughts from your head, this goblin was branded by those same letters on his face and named Scribbleface, then he was exiled from the village. When the rest of the goblins were going through his hut, Chief Renwattle Gutwad found a box inside. When he opened the box, he found a bunch of fireworks and a treasure map that looked like there was a possibility of there being more fireworks!

Chief Gutwad removed the items and the hut was burned down using the fireworks, which was fun for all. He then called a feast to drive out the remaining bad spirits and secretly called four special goblins to meet with him: Reta Bigbad (fighter), Chuffy (rogue), Buggy (witch), and Poog (cleric). In the chief’s moot house, His Mighty Girthness himself, sitting in his tall Teeter Chair, spoke directly to the goblins instead of using Slorb, his second-in-command. He tells them that up the coast, there is a place where more fireworks are, and that to watch out for the giant spider in the forest. He also warns the party that if they don’t come back with the fireworks, he will feed them to the village boar. Slorb supplies them with the treasure map and they go outside to join the feast.

During the feast, there were a whole bunch of dares, the types that goblins normally engage in. Buggy is dared to eat a bag of poisonous bull slugs real quick. Buggy eats the entirety of the bag, without even removing the poisonous parts, without even getting sick, so he is awarded the Gorge of Gluttons by the chief. Next up, Poog runs through the Rusty Earbiter, a contraption made up of rusty metal and other sharp things. The cleric dumped his head into a vat of slippery mud and ran through, getting stuck a couple of times and suffering some injuries, but getting out within the time limit. For his trouble, he received the Chief’s Personal Very Useful Robe That Is Useful. Up next was Reta who was dared to engage in a session of Hide or Get Clubbed. She slipped into the nearby forest and stealthily managed to evade her goblin pursuers until they got bored and wandered back to the village. For winning the dare, she received the Ring That Lets You Climb Real Good. And lastly, Chuffy was dared to Dance with Squealy Nord. He rode the piglet and even stood on its back, but was then dumped off at the last minute. He did not receive any prize. The feast ended and everybody fell asleep.

Delirium's Tangle

The adventurers were summoned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom on behalf of Venture-Captain Drandle Dreng. The party consisted of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Lord Traice (halfing rogue), Hamick (human fighter), Elijah (human wizard), Phantem (human fighter), and Athena (elven witch). Venture-Captain Dreng introduced them to Grandmaster Torch, an “associate” of the Society. Grandmaster Torch tasked them with locating Nuar Spiritskin, Minotaur Prince of Absalom, who apparently got lost in Delirium’s Tangle, a grand maze underneath Absalom. He also mentions that there is an ancient elven artifact, Izryen’s Hourglass at the maze’s center and that the Pathfinder Society can keep it if they bring back the minotaur. Dreng tells them that the minotaur is a useful ally to the Society and to go forth and prepare.

Whilst preparing, a member of the city guard slips Jaxon a piece of paper. Orders from Osirion, from Amenopheus himself. Legend says that the sands flowing through the elven hourglass artifact come from the deserts of Osirion. Jaxon is tasked with getting a handful of sand from it and bringing it back to Osirion. The Sapphire Sage also believes that Delirium’s Tangle is acting like an enormous magic circle and he asks Jaxon to map it as best as he can. Jaxon tucks the message into his pocket and meets the rest of the party for departure.

After approximately eight hours, the team finally finds the entrance to the maze beneath Absalom’s Ivy District after going through a maintenance tunnel. Once entering the maze proper, they come across a large chamber with big sandy patches on the floor. Suddenly, two feral mining beetles rise out of a patch of sand and attacks them! One of them surprises Phantom and bites him, but it barely penetrates his armour. Jaxon killed one with his longsword and Athena injured the second one with a shot from her crossbow. Traice cut off the beetle’s leg and mortally wounded it. When the group searched around, they came across some potions and a scroll and the beetle’s nest, which had some eggs in it. Hamik managed to grab two eggs after breaking the first one. The group sees tracks and signs on the ground that indicate the minotaur was dragged away by several dozen medium-sized creatures.

Mists of Mwangi

The group of adventurers were awoken in the middle of the night in the Grand Lodge of Absalom by Venture-Captain Adil Hestram and given an important mission. There are strange things afoot in the Blakros Museum and Venture-Captain Hestram tasks the Pathfinders to go there and find out what is happening. The museum is curated by an ex-Pathfinder named Nigel Aldain, who apparently has some bad blood with the Society, and never lets any Society members examine the exhibits. A current Pathfinder, named Lugizar Trantos, has just returned from the Mwangi Expanse and went straight to the Blackros Museum without stopping at the Grand Lodge, and sold some wooden idols to Aldain. Whatever he brought back may be causing people at the museum to go mad.

The group is made up of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Lariden (dwarf inquisitor), Byron (human paladin), Dakov (human alchemist), Randy (half-elf), and Francis (human rogue). Once they reach the Blackros Museum, they notice a strange mist flowing around the open lobby. They search around, but find nothing of interest, and decide to go into the West Exhibit Hall with the Honored Dead exhibit. Before entering it though, they grab a pamphlet on a display case that includes a map of the interior.

Whilst walking around the West Exhibit Hall, the party is attacked by animated corpses, one ghoul and two skeletons. The ghoul attacks Byron and Dakov throws a bomb, injuring one of the skeletons. Jaxon dispatches both skeletons with his longsword and Randy fires an arrow, taking down the ghoul.

The Devil We Know: Cassomir's Locker

The Pathfinders were again called to the Taldan Pathfinder lodge in Cassomir with Venture-Captain Hestia Themis giving them their mission briefing. The group consisted of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Elihu (human ranger), Yukatashi (half-orc barbarian), and Anaya (elven fighter). Venture-Captain Themis told the Pathfinders that a friend of hers, the Countess Arieta Patrizia, died after being captured by the Cult of Nature’s Cataclysm. However, before she passed away, Arieta escaped her bonds and told her tale to Hestia. She reported that an artifact called the Jet Rat was transforming normal rats into dire rats and that the artifact should be safely kept in the Pathfinder Society’s Grand Lodge in Absalom so it can be studied and catalogued. The Jet Rat was in the hands of a Darklands race called the derro. The group was ordered to get the Jet Rat and free any captured Taldans.

Before the group set out, Jaxon was met by his Osirion contact and handed a message from Amenopheus. The Sapphire Sage ordered Jaxon to ensure the Jet Rat was delivered to the Grand Lodge in Absalom for safekeeping. In the letter, Amenopheus says that the Jet Rat sounds like an ancient Osirion artifact that was used to create a vermin army. His second mission was to find a rat transformed by the Jet Rat and take a sample from its body to give to Amenopheus for study.

The Pathfinders travelled to the place in Cassomir where Countess Patrizia remembered being taken and dropped down into the sewers. Anaya was the first down and the grate she landed on gave way and she dropped down into a pit. When the rest of the group descended into the sewers to help Anaya up, a giant spider attacked them. Yukatashi got entangled in a web the spider shot out. Jaxon poked the spider with his longsword whilst Yukatashi got free and killed it with his greataxe. A dead derro was found and, when the body was searched, was revealed to have two potions of cure moderate wounds.

The Hydra's Fang Incident

The Pathfinders travel from Absalom to the town of Diobel to meet a Pathfinder by the name of Osprey at a really seedy pub called The Tails in a section of town known as South Reach. The group consists of Jaxon Dreadstar (human fighter), Elihu (human ranger), Phantem (human fighter), Anaya (human), and Zial (half-elven alchemist). Osprey told them that the infamous Chelaxian pirate Darsielle Du Moire is in possession of some tablets that the Pathfinder Society wants to get their hands on. Du Moire razed a small Andoran village and took the tablets from a mystic allegedly of Azlanti descent. They were ordered to retrieve the tablets as, although they are forgeries, they depict ancient Azlanti rites. Osprey tells them that they can track down Du Moire at a shop called Lubor’s Imports because Darsielle owes Lubor Staizkal money and most likely went to pay him before setting sail in the Hydra’s Fang.

On their way out, Jaxon noticed a slip of paper in his pocket, most likely put there by his Osiriani contact. The note was from Amenopheus and, in it, he notes that the tensions between the nations of Cheliax (as Du Moire is Chelaxian) and Andoran (as the village he destroyed was in Andoran) may lead to war, which would be good for Osirion. The orders also instruct Jaxon that Du Moire has a bronze key on his person, which the Sapphire Sage suspects opens up ancient catacombs beneath the Spire of Nex, and therefore, strong magics. Jaxon returns and meets the rest of the group.

The Pathfinders go to Lubor’s Imports and find the bodies of two dead guards lying in the main shop. In the back room, they see two thugs and a little girl crouching over a dead body and calling it daddy. Phantem knocked one of the thugs out, but was betrayed by the little girl, who cast a magic missile at him. Betrayal! It turns out that the girl was a wizard in disguise by the name of Katiya. Anaya runs in and mortally wounds Katiya with a swing of her axe. The remaining thug injures Phantem with a mighty hit of his longsword. Jaxon dispatches the thug with a hit of a longsword. The dead body is that of Lubor Staizkal. The Pathfinders locate a trap door in the shop and go down below.

The Devil We Know: Crypt of Fools

The Pathfinders were once again summoned by Venture-Captain Hestia Themis in Cassomir’s Pathfinder lodge. This time, the group was made up of brothers Gerrik (human rogue) and Gale (human rogue), Babaganoush (half-elf rogue), and Cristabelle (human witch). Venture-Captain Themis is distressed that there are yet more kidnappings in her beloved city and that the former victims are coming back as undead skeletons. She thinks the Cult of Nature’s Cataclysm is involved again and tasks the adventurers to visit Swift Prison and talk to a Nature’s Cataclysm cultist for more information.

On the way out, Cristabelle is intercepted by her Osiriani contact, who hands her a message from Amenopheus. The Sapphire Sage informs her that when the Ismacco family was being interred in the Crypt of Fools, Osirion mummy-crafters were the ones that were in charge of embalming them. She was instructed to locate one of these bodies and take a sample so the techniques could be learned. The Sapphire Sage also ordered her to bring the head of Dalirio Teppish. Even though he was killed earlier, if rumours are true and he is still doing his evil deeds, something must have reanimated him and Amenopheus wants to know what he has become and how.

The three rogues and the witch arrived at Swift Prison and met with Garvel, their assigned contact and local guide. He led them to a crazed cultist who was painting some crazy pictures on easels. Before he answers any of their questions, he demands that they go outside and describe the statue located out front to him. After that is done and the group returns to the painter, they notice three of his paintings with similar iconography. He tells them that his master resides in the Crypt of Fools and that the Cassomir engineers in the Hall of Wonders will know where that is.

Decline of Glory

The Pathfinders have been tasked by Osprey to travel from the Grand Lodge in Absalom to the settlement of Railford in Taldor and convince a man named Becher Railford to use part of the Railford Distillery as a Pathfinder lodge. Becher’s father, Iodun, was a Pathfinder before he passed away. The group consisted of Cristabelle (human witch), Wayo (elven alchemist), Tumbler (elven rogue), Markas (human fighter), and Sliska (human inquisitor). Osprey told them that the mission was going to be a cakewalk.

Whilst prepping for departure, Cristabelle was met by her shadowy Osirion contact. The message he delivered from Amenopheus said that a fellow Pathfinder named Abta Nuatha, himself an associate of Iodun Railford, has disappeared about ten years ago. If found, Pathfinder Railford should be brought to the pharoah immediately; however, if he is dead, he should receive a proper burial.

The Pathfinders travel towards Railford. The rain is falling hard, making the land around them a soupy mess. On the way to the distillery, the group is set upon by two soldiers, two dogs, and a wolf, who were patrolling the area. Tumbler completely massacres one dog with his rapier, cripples the second one, and kills the wolf for good measure. Cristabelle puts a thug to sleep and Wayo runs him through with her spear whilst Markas knocks out the last soldier.


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