Large Town
Alignment: Neutral
GP Limit: 3,500 gp; Assets: 848,750 gp


Population: 4,850
Type: isolated (human 99%, other 1%)

Authority Figures

Kelves Ragewynd LN male human aristocrat 11 (Chancellor)
Saphyre Margruel N female human Wizard 9 (High Advisor)
Harimolt Grimsly LE male human rogue 7/shadowdancer 2 (The Silent Edict)
Alyxus Gloamwise NE female half-elf ranger 5/Assassin 3 (Prime Enforcer)

Diobel stands upon the flooded ruins of a former siege town on the western coast of the Isle of Kortos. The inner harbor is fortified by a gigantic maze of derelict war-barges, crumbling break walls, and haphazard jetties constructed from the rubble and iron of ancient fortifications. Only smaller vessels can fit through the maze, so warships and large merchant galleys must anchor further out in the open waters off Kortos. As a formal display, any ships seeking to moor in port must first send ashore representatives to register with local officials. Registered boats receive a temporary harbormaster’s pass, after which they can ship in goods in flat-bottomed barges or rowboats. These crafts are led into the maze, pulled along a series of dock-lined canals that weave through the twisted passages. The maze enters first into the Shallows, a wide bay sheltered from the main harbor. The Shallows then flows beneath the main docks into the Underdocks, a shadowy series of walkways that traverses shoals along the rocky shoreline. Scattered through at various intervals are barnacle-and-algae crusted stone bunkers and small floating docks concealing rowboats, barges, and other small transports. The bunkers provide shelters to many of the port’s seedier denizens, storage facilities, and on occasion structural stability to the town itself. Ladders and pylons connect the Underdocks to the rest of the port above.


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