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Brinestump Marsh







Shadow Plane

Silken Way

Verduran Forest


Bell of Obedience
Cataclysm Amulet
Izryen’s Hourglass
Jet Rat
Wightir Conjunction
Zyphus Stone


Bonebag – dog
Cuddles – advanced riding dog
Da’Tunga – gorilla
Gurva – oytugh
Kazkaz – shocker lizard
Lord Longtung – giant frog
Lotslegs Eat Goblin Babies Many – giant spider
Mother Halima – harpy
Omb – lizard
Scabtongue – dog
Squealy Nord – piglet
Snapjaw – albino cave crocodile
Stomp – horse
Tickletooth – dog


Aspis Consortium
Band of the Phoenix
Black Echelon
Cult of Nature’s Cataclysm
House Cartahegn
Kortos Consortium
Licktoad Tribe
Onyx Alliance
Sewer Dragons
Steel Wyverns
War Hounders

Jaxon Boons

  • Unlimited +2 bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against goblins.
  • Unlimited +1 circumstance bonus to any Intelligence or Charisma-based checks made while in Absalom.
  • Once use of the divination spell from a Cleric of Asmodeus in Egorian, Cheliax’s diabolical capital city.
  • Andoren Embassy of Absalom regards Jaxon as an upstanding free citizen of the Republic.

Cristabelle Boons

  • Unlimited while in a settlement of 5,000 people or more anywhere on the continent of Garund, mundane equipment (but not weapons or armor) may be purchased through a favorable connection with House Cartahegn at a 10% discount
  • Unlimited when in the Zho Mountains or traveling the Silken Way, the map grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Survival and Track checks.
  • Once +5 circumstance bonus on any Knowledge check concerning the Shadow Plane and shadow magic.
  • Once +5 circumstance bonus on any Disguise or Bluff check against someone from Galt

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